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This birth, this mom, this couple, this baby, this family… they are all so, so dear to my heart. If the Lord had a theme song for their love story, it would be the song I chose for their birth story. Lindsay and Nathan’s love story was one of waiting, as was the birth of their much awaited son. 

“Lord, today You know what I need to do,
But You can do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do.”

Sometimes it’s easy to ask the Lord, “Why?” in our times of doubt. And waiting on the Lord, is one of life’s most challenging tasks. But so far I’ve found, what’s waiting on the other side are God’s blessings… and they’re always much more beautiful than anything I could do by myself. 

His timing is always perfect. 

Lindsay navigated her unmedicated and intervention free birth with such grace and strength. Lindsay delivered standing up, with her water breaking on its own at 10cm. Her son was then guided to her chest for skin to skin, and delayed cord clamping. It was glorious! I’m so proud of everyone in that room… Lindsay and Nate for their amazing teamwork and determination, the midwife for her steadfast confidence in the birthing process, and the nursing staff who supported this momma’s birth the whole way through.



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