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I love all of my birth clients, I do, but this girl I love like a sister. We talk nearly everyday. She knows parts of me that no one else does and loves me regardless. Outside of my family, she is my biggest cheerleader, butt kicker, and all around touchstone for advice whenever I call. I truly don’t know who I would be, or where I would be if not for her friendship. So you can imagine the overflow of emotions watching your best friend become a mom. I’ve been blessed to be present at both of her deliveries, first with the birth of her twin boys, and now with precious Maeve. And oh how I adore her babies…

Eliza, Mike…. (and of course Melissa, and the nursing staff at St. Francis), you guys rocked this natural labor. I know they always say you don’t get a medal for delivering without medication, but I nearly went out and bought Eliza one. If it weren’t for sweet Maeve’s epic first poo after delivery, she most definitely would’ve tipped the scales at 9+ pounds. 

Grab some tissues, you’ve been warned. Between Eliza’s grace and strength, Mike’s unwavering support for his bride, sweet Honey’s reaction when she found out it was a girl, and of course the twins meeting their new sister… well it’s a waterworks folks.

Eliza and Mike, thank you for everything. Thank you for allowing me to share that space with you. Thank you for letting me love your kids. Thank you for your friendship. And Mike, thanks for letting me steal her occasionally for girls nights and gin and tonics.








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