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Every year on her birthday we would take Finns out to Callaway Gardens to enjoy the day and of course for me to take photos of her with the Fall leaves. Well this year baby brother kind of hijacked those plans when he came down with a rockin’ case of croup (Side note, this is also why he is dressed like a Lost Boy from Peter Pan, and has crustiness on his face and shirt!) And then it dawned on me, derp! We now have our own slice of heaven with acres to roam, and tons of gorgeous Fall colors! So me and the kids went adventuring and I brought my camera along for the fun. 

May we remember to linger longer, no matter the day.

Finns has turned 5. Each birthday gets harder, yet I become more proud of these little buggers with each passing year. I braced myself as I went in to put her down for bed the night before. My last time tucking in my 4 year old. My last time kissing my toddler on the cheek. For the next morning she would no longer fit in the toddler age range. She’s a kid now.

I wept. And the big girl that she is… she let me. She understood. I held her and told her about my tears, that they weren’t sad tears, they were happy tears. I told her about the day she was born. She loved me explaining about my water breaking and daddy’s reaction. I told her how much she has made my life better, and made me better. I told her how unbelievably proud I am of who she’s growing up to be. I held her longer, I lingered at her door longer. Never have I wanted to stop time like I did that night. But ever the wise one, she told me… Mommy, I have to grow up. And oh how right she is, because I cannot wait to see who she becomes! I have a feeling this is the lifecycle of birthday eve’s for the remainder of my life. May we remember to linger longer, no matter the day.

Thank you Lord for this precious girl I get to call mine. Thank you for giving her the most kind, generous, and tender heart. Thank you for making her brave, strong, and determined. Thank you for giving her a heart that longs to know You and love You. Thank you Lord for making her ours.

  1. Sannetta Marsh says:

    Oh how I love your tender mommy heart! I totally relate and know exactly how you feel. I cry every single birthday eve and birthday just learning to accept time stands still for none of us. Yet, here you’ve made it stand still in your own way. You captured your little babies on this day, their personalaties and who they absolutely are in this very day. Preserving them at this age forever. I love you shared these words and images! I just love you!

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