Just when I don’t think I can be surprised by the labor process, or women in general, this lady right here finds a way. She walked around 6cm dilated, with her bag of waters bulging for nearly a week. We all knew that as soon as her water broke, things were going to go FAST. […]

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After a birth photo goes globally viral, to the point Lil Wayne even shares it, it kind of makes it harder to start the thought process on writing their blog. What a whirlwind birth and what a rollercoaster experience of the longest viral run any of my work has had. Dara and Eric were champs, […]

Birth Sessions

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What better day to be born that New Years Day! Needless to say I started off my 2017 the best way possible, celebrating a new life! This mom right here battled her unmedicated labor like boss. LIKE. A. BOSS. Her husband, by her side supporting her every need. Sweet Alexis pushed just shy of two […]

Birth Sessions

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This has been a year of repeat clients, and a year of curveball births. It’s also been a year of growth for me. Even after years of doing this and over a hundred births, I’m still learning how to better love my clients. I shot Hannah’s first birth two years ago, for her son Moses, […]

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