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I’ve been blessed to know, love, and shoot this family for a VERY long time now. They were literally some of my first guinea pigs when it came to me becoming a photographer. Karan Anne is always up for trusting me with some new idea. As I move my business into strictly a documentary medium, I knew her family and these sweet boys would fit the mould perfectly. Honestly, any family fits this mould. Whether you believe it or not, your everyday mundane… is remarkably beautiful! So don’t be shy, and don’t worry about a spotless house (the #1 fear of mom’s inquiring about these sessions). Messy homes, and messy faces are the things that show us our lives are being lived! Oh and cute kiddo tushies help too!





Hawks - 2015 -131

Photobiography – Family Documentary Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Hawk Family

Slice. Of. Life.
I absolutely adored spending the afternoon with this creative, active, fun, loving family.

Holly is a fellow photographer in town, you should check her work out HERE. She’s shot both of my babies newborn photos and I just admire her work. I’ve known Holly for years, looked up to her and respected her work as well as how she manages to balance her job and her family. She’s listened to me on the phone more times than I can count, helping me navigate life as a working mother. I actually bough my first professional lens from her, 2 days before I shot my first wedding! And yet, I am still nervous when I have another photographer in front of my lens! I am grateful she trusted me to capture this precious season in their lives.

We had a blast. The girls enjoyed their arts and crafts and rocked out some stunning drawings, then we went outside for some cul-de-sac shenanigans, followed up by me putting my life on the line to have them jump on the trampoline while I braced myself and tried to capture some magic. Lastly we topped off the night with some good conversation around the dinner table, accompanied by cherry pie, milk, and of course whip-cream. Can’t beat it.

Photobiography – Family Documentary Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Tye Family

What started out as a nursing session with Maris and her newest babe, turned into a full on day-in-the-life session as her boys dare not be upstaged by their sister. And true to form, the middle one stole the show. I love the simplicity, low stress, and genuine realness in these types of sessions. Snotty noses, yep, food smeared faces yep, beautiful life with kiddos messes and all… most definitely yep. I will never regret taking my business in this direction, and I bet you would never regret doing a session like this. These are the moments that happen in the blink of an eye, and fade just as quickly from memory.
Thank you Maris for inviting me into your home and into your intimate little world with your precious kiddos.

Photobiography | Documentary Photography | Columbus, GA | Ker-Fox Photography | Nursing

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