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This is lifestyle, this is slice of life, everyday craziness and the joy these little balls of energy bring us. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this sweet pea grow since her newborn session, and I’ve been shooting her big brother since he was 3 months old! Nothing makes my heart happier than getting to capture these milestones, seeing only children get become big brothers/sisters. And when the kiddos are this smiley and this cute it is such a bonus!

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One nice thing about maternity leave… family vacation. Another nice thing about maternity leave…. I actually have time to edit my own family photos. What a concept! It’s an irony not lost on many photographers, that we have the capability to shoot our own family, the photos to show for it, but in my case 99% of the time they sit unedited, on countless hard drives. I know, pot meet kettle.
So he’s my New Year’s resolution 10 months too late. I will blog more personal blogs. I will put my family photos higher up the priority list. Sweet clients, cut me a little slack if you see a personal post. I promise you still and always will come first before my editing my family sessions.

That being said. Enjoy the cuteness that are the Bec-Ker-Foxes (Beckers and Ker-Foxes).

Beyond blessed to call this crazy bunch my own. Next year this time, God willing, we’ll have the missing matriarch and patriarch of the Ker-Fox side officially living stateside and with us for more memory making!┬áMissing my momma on this trip as well! She better grace us with her beautiful presence next time!


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I don’t get to photograph my own child nearly enough, which is craziness. But man, when I do get her in front of the camera she is a natural, an absolute ham! She is also truly stunning and oh so beautiful (I’m in no way biased at all). When life/work finally starts to slow down in the months to come, as the sessions thin out… hopefully you will see so many more posts like this one that you get sick of seeing us! I never knew a love like this before… an ache so lovely, so painfully, amazingly strong. She’s nearly 2… life, I kindly need you to slow down a smidge.
p.s. Those are little foxes on her gorgeous dress!

Oh and her dress was bought at a lovely local children’s boutique that just opened this weekend, Ruffles and Rompers. They’re located in the Landings… go check them out and support local business!

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So as well as blogging in general more this year… I’m trying to make sure that I take more photos of my sweet little Fox this year. Not that I didn’t take TONS of her over the last 15 months. But now that she’s moving. A LOT. Her little personality is shining through. As a photographer, unfortunately our families take the biggest hit photographically because we always put our clients first. So this year (here’s a blog post to hold me accountable), I will be doing more personal blogs. Mainly for me, but hey I bet you guys enjoy all this cuteness too. Finns loves “helping” me around the house. All of the antics below were totally non-provoked… towel on her head, yep all her. Walking around like a little drunk baboon nearly stumbling into walls, all the while babbling having a great conversation! She’s my best buddy. I love her so!

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